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The Swish platform empowers retailers to operate a data-driven, efficient sampling program that integrates seamlessly into their omnichannel retail media offering.

A solution that works for Retailers

A solution that works for Retailers

The Swish platform considers low inventory and out of stock item status to ensure that those products are not eligible for Sponsored promotion.

Smart Inventory

Your customers become eligible to receive relevant, personalized full-size products based on their recent and real-time purchase history.

Elevated Experience

Swish notifies customers so they are aware that a FREE Sponsored Product Sample will be included with their order.

Customer Messaging

Unlock additional revenue streams for your business with Swish's Sponsored Product Sampling, driving incremental revenue in both media dollars and the direct sale of physical products.

Generate New Revenue

Enhance customer loyalty and value by providing customers with relevant free products with their order, fostering a positive and memorable shopping experience.

Increase Customer Loyalty

Each Sponsored Product Sample moves seamlessly through the Point of Sale (POS) system, ensuring it is recorded as a sold item, providing clear and efficient tracking for our retail partners.

Increase Order

Value + Sales

Swish's transformative approach to product sampling resonates with brands seeking to invest in efficient, measurable omni-channel retail media programs.

Strengthen Supplier Relationships

Boost the adoption of your online grocery business with Sponsored Product Sampling, strategically promoting products across all categories and aisles. Enhance customer engagement and drive sales by showcasing a diverse range of available products.

Grow Online Grocery Adoption

Swish empowers our retail partners with complete control over their Sponsored Product Sampling programs. Choose to operate a private sampling marketplace or participate in Swish's national network, providing flexibility and tailored solutions to meet unique business needs.

Full Program


The Swish Platform

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